Collin Sexton has done something even LeBron James never did in his Cleveland Cavaliers career

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If we’re to put real stock in what we’ve seen to start this season (and a lot of what we’ve seen during his first two years in the league) Collin Sexton is quietly emerging as one of the better scoring guards in the Eastern Conference. Through eight games, which the surprising Cavaliers have navigated with a 4-4 record, Sexton is averaging over 25 points a game on better than 53 percent shooting. That includes a 51 percent mark from 3. 

With his 21-point performance in Cleveland’s loss to Orlando on Wednesday, Sexton has now scored at least 20 points in all eight games to start the season, a Cavaliers franchise record. Not even LeBron James did that during his time in Cleveland, a fact that has been being tracked as Sexton has approached this mark. 

The most consecutive 20-point games LeBron tallied to start a season with the Cavs was seven. Strangely, the Cavs’ official Twitter account noted Sexton’s run without the designation of it being a franchise record, which, again, it is. 

Who knows, maybe the Cavs are still leery about ruffling LeBron’s feathers by spotlighting someone else topping something he did. Something tells me the King’s place in Cleveland lore is safe and the team will acknowledge this record in some way, being that it’s not exactly an important mark in the grand scheme of things anyway. 

But it does tell you just how well Sexton is playing. He’s caught a lot of flak through his first two seasons as kind of an empty-stat scorer, but that reputation was perhaps unwarranted to begin with and it’s surely being invalidated now. Sexton shot over 40 percent from 3 as a rookie. He averaged over 20 points a game last season. What we’re seeing is a natural progression for Sexton, who appears to be on an All-Star trajectory. 

Published: 2021-01-07 17:40:22

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