Zion Williamson breaks down clip of shorter defender trying to guard him in high school

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Zion Williamson exploded into national consciousness in high school when highlight after highlight of him doing gravity-defying feats against seemingly any opponent would go viral after every game. But one of his standout clips did not include a breath-taking dunk or a ferocious block. It was more about a look of confusion.

The clip in question features an opposing player going to check Williamson despite being much smaller than the future Duke standout. He gives a few Joakim Noah-esque claps before bodying up against the future No. 1 overall pick. Williamson looks over to an unknown person with a face that says “who is this guy?” before getting the ball and getting fouled by the small defender.

In a recent interview with his teammate JJ Redick on the podcast The Old Man And The Three, the Pelicans All-Star broke down the clip with the veteran guard. Williamson talked about how he was looking at the principal of his high school in confusion when the kid came in to defend him.

But Zion ultimately gave the kid, named Bryson Bishop, props for doing what he did.

Bishop wasn’t exactly a slouch, even if he didn’t match up to a player who’d become one of the most dominant athletes in modern college sports. Bishop announced in February that he is going to play basketball at the collegiate level for Charleston Southern University — a Division 1 program.

To go from being the joke of a clip to getting props from one of the NBA’s young stars is certainly an impressive journey.

Published: 2021-03-03 18:27:21

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