Draymond Green thanks Joe Lacob for expensive wine with Steph Curry

Draymond thanks Lacob for approving expensive wine with Steph originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Steph Curry on Monday night supplanted Wilt Chamberlain as the Warriors’ all-time leading scorer.

So on Tuesday night in Oklahoma City, the Warriors celebrated the accomplishment at a team dinner.

And Draymond Green shared a moment from the meal by posting a picture to Instagram.

When asked about his tribute following shootaround Wednesday, Draymond explained why it’s so important to celebrate Steph.

And then he acknowledged owner Joe Lacob and the bottle of vino seen in the Instagram photo.

“Joe is incredible by the way,” Draymond told the media. “That was a very expensive bottle of wine. But Joe let us get that one at the team meal. So we appreciate Joe for that. Not every day someone is approving a bottle of La Tache.”

The bottle was purchased after Draymond sent Lacob a text.

“I said, ‘Joe, we at dinner, we’re gonna get this bottle of wine. If it’s a problem I can pay for it,’ ” the three-time NBA champion explained. “But he was all for it. That’s appreciated.”

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Draymond didn’t feel comfortable revealing the exact price tag, but acknowledged it cost more than $1,000.

“I love wine. I’ll drink a bottle of La Tache here and there,” he said. “But it’s expensive. I can’t go that route too much.”

Draymond, Steph and the Warriors face the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night, and then take on the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday.

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Published: 2021-04-14 17:42:48

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