Clippers’ Paul George criticizes refs after loss: ‘It was disrespectful that I had one free-throw attempt’

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The Los Angeles Clippers are a jump-shooting team. They attempt only 20.3 shots in the restricted area per game, third-fewest in the NBA, and 20.4 free throw attempts per game, fourth-fewest in basketball. They’ve built one of the best offenses in the NBA almost entirely behind the 3-point line, but even a team with as much shooting as the Clippers needs some degree of balance.

They don’t feel as though they got it in Tuesday’s 124-120 loss to the Brooklyn Nets. The Clippers shot only 17 free throws to Brooklyn’s 26, and Paul George, who attempted only a single free-throw in the entire game, took offense that to that. 

“I absolutely think it was disrespectful I had one free throw attempt today,” George told reporters. “The amount of plays I initiated or created contact, and to get sent to the line one time. Definitely plays I’m gonna have sent in.”

George may have a point. He averages 4.4 free throw attempts per game but got to the line only once against the Nets. He attempted 24 field goals in the game but wasn’t getting whistles despite drawing a fair bit of contact on those shots. 

Still, it’s not as though either side was particularly far from its typical free throw numbers. The Nets average around 23 attempts per game, so 26 is hardly out of the ordinary. No single player drew an egregious amount of free-throws either, as James Harden led the way with only eight. Ultimately, the fouls George is referring to are judgment calls. The officials didn’t see what he felt, and the Clippers lost a tight one. By complaining about it now, George can at least hope that they see things his way the next time his Clippers face Brooklyn. 

Published: 2021-02-03 05:52:40

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